Fire Resistant Record Protection Cabinets

Fire Resistant Record Protection Cabinets
(Ref. Std IS 14203) (FR 120)

120 Minutes Fire Resistance

  • Our FRRC cabinet has withstood laboratory test for 120 Minute Fire Endurance and 45 minute Fire and Impact tests with very comfortable margin
  • Provides ultimate safety for valueable Records and Storage media 
  • 6 level dual control key lock 

Available with options of

  • Drawers Fitted on Extendable Trolleys Suitable for Storage of Post-dated Chques
  • Built In Locker Unit For Additional Confidentiality

Computer Data Cabinet
(Ref. Std IS 14505)

Fire Resistant Compactors

  • Guardwel CDC, protect data on computer tapes, magnetic media from heat, dust & moisture
  • Double Cabinet Construction with an insulated cabinet inside a FRRC and optional internals available
  • In mentors, where Floor space is the most precious commodity, our fire resistant compactors are ideal solution for storage of records in fire risk free zone. Fire Resistant Record protection cabinet, modified and installed in a back to back constructionon a rail movement system, are sturdy enough to withstand heavy usage, offers smooth handling and eases accessibility
    We customise Fire resistant compactors to match and suit the space available in an office.
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