Safe Deposit Locker

Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets
(Ref. Std IS 5244:2014)

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class C (TL 30 D x TL 10 x 5 -FR 30)

BIS labeled Modular locker cabinets or standard or standard lockers in part/split type, with special configurations can be supplied on demand to suit available space.

Lumina safe deposit Locker cabinets (on demand)

Our Lumina Lockers are equipped with sleek lights located inside every individual locker to illuminate the storage area automatically on opening the locker. Lumina SDLCs have enough Lux to help customers locate and identify the contents of the locker.

Note: Please quote master key details and locker Serial NO.s at the time of placing the Purchase orders.

Safe with safe Deposit Lockers
Safe as per IS 550, SSDL Ref Std. IS 14512 (Withdrawn)

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class C (TL 30 D x TL 10 x 5 -FR 30)
  • A standard or non-standard SDLC is housed inside a standard safe conforming to IS 550
  • Available in Safe classes as per customer choice
  • Renowned for their fire & burglary resistance
  • Protected by Guardwel 8 – lever dual control HS lockĀ 
  • Automatic self- locking deviceĀ 
  • Ideal protection for valueables where a strong room is not feasible/ not economical

Lock options: Combination lock, Electronic locks, Time locks, Biometric locks

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