Torch & Tool Resistant Safes

(Ref. Std. IS 550 2014) Class AA (TRTL 60×60)

  • Offers highest level of protection from modern Torch and tool attacks
  • Ideal for up graduation to futuristic level of security
  • A superior combination of strong design, rugged construction sleek asthmatic look, and an unmatched performance
  • Optional Extras (Cost Extra): Biometric Locks, Keyless ECL & MCL, Time locks, interior illumination, alarm systems

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class A (TRTL-30×6)

  • Guardwel A class safes provide the fitting solution to morden day burglary attacks with ever improving techiques and tools
  • The rugged design, behind the sleek exterior look, ensures unfailing performance
  • Built with special In-house made torch & tool resistant barrier of superior quality
  • Fitted with Guardwel dual control, 8 lever key locks with Options of Keyless mechanical combination lock, Time lock and electronic keypad lock available

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class BB (TRTL-15×6)

  • Designed to withstand, attacks with sophisticated burglary tools and techniques including oxyacetylene torch
  • Homogenous in house made torch & tool resistant barrier of superior quality
  • Options of Keyless combination locks, Time locks, Biometric locks and electronic keypad locks
  • Ideally designed for easy Storage and retrieval of the jewelry
  • Option of hanging rod hooks (HRH), Gold loanĀ  trays(GLT) or lockable Gold loan drawers(GLD)
  • Available in different classes and sizes to suit a customer’s budget and risk preception
Fire & Burglary Resistant Safes
(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class C (TL 30 D x TL 10 x 5 -FR 30)
  • Enhanced security with inner case made of a thicker steel plate as compared to the outer
  • Automatic self- locking device gets activated if main lock is attacked
  • Accessories available: Removable Shelves, Lockable drawers

Lock options: Combination locks, Electronic locks, Time locks, Biometric Locks

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