Vault (Strong Room )Doors

Vault (Strong Room )Doors
(Ref. Std IS 11188:2014) Class A (TRTL 60-FR 30) . Class AA (TRTL 120)

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class C (TL 30 D x TL 10 x 5 -FR 30)
Ideal for larger vaults or Currency chests.
  • Enhanced protection from Burglary with Guardwel In-house Torch and tool resistance barrier
  • A hinged foot-bridge, foldable into the vestibule, aids in passage oftrolleys into the vault
  • Default provision for retro fitting a time lock
  • Provided with 2 nos. Guardwel HS dual control key locks, with S. S. keys in duplicate
  • Lock options: Biometric Lock, Electronic Lock, Time Lock, Combination Locks

Guardwel A class and AA Class Vault doors are built rugged and have inherent features that provide the perfect solution to combat the ever improving attack techniques

Strong Room Doors
(Ref. Std IS 11188:2014) Class C (TRTL 15- FR 30) & Class B (TRTL 30-FR 30)

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class C (TL 30 D x TL 10 x 5 -FR 30)
  • Torch and tool resistant
  • Ensures complete protection from Burglary attacks and Fire
  • Robust design gives security against attacks with sophisticated tools and techniques
  • Provided with 2 highly secured dual control key locks
  •  A control switch fitted on the main door to control the electric supply to the vault

Automatic self-locking device gets activated if main lock comes under attack. Lock options: Combination lock, Electronic locks, Time locks, Biometric locks

Gold Smith DOor
(in line with IS 7152)

(Ref. Std IS 550:2014) Class C (TL 30 D x TL 10 x 5 -FR 30)
  • A product specifically designed for Goldsmiths.
  • The instances of robbery attempts with gas torch have been on rise and have now spread from banks to even jewelry shops.
  • Guardwel Gold Smith door with torch and Tool (TRTL) resistant barrier provides an effective solution to this latest threat.
  • GSD comes with two key locks and options of Time Lock,
  • Biometric lock, MCL or ECL
  • We can also assessand supply custom sized GSD to meet Specific customer requirements as there are usual size constraints in jewelry shops.
  • Note: GSD is not a conventional strong room door and shall not be used as its ‘ substitute. It is a protective door to be installed inside a room, covered by peripheral security systems
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